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Linglong Tire

Power quality solution:  install Hoteam HTEQ type dynamic reactive power compensation equipment to improve power factor and filter harmonics.

Data comparison:

Phase current waveform before HTEQ

Phase current waveform after HTEQ

Phase current harmonic before HTEQ 

phase current harmonic after HTEQ

Result analysis::

1.From the comparison photo, we can see the fast response ability of our product

2. After operation, apparent current reduced by 50%. Power factor was increased from 0.47 to 0.97.

3. The harmonic was also been suppressed. The harmonic current value reduced about 300A, the harmonic voltage distortion was also reduced to less than 5%.

4. Reduced the harm from harmonic and reactive power to the transformer insulation. Improved the service life of transformer. The temperature of transformer reduced from 69℃ to 51℃. The iron loss and copper loss of transformer had been bigly reduced, the energy saving is obvious.

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