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Petrol China

Dagang oil field of Petro China has a lot of VFD which produces much harmonics to the grid. The reliability and safety of power supply system will be seriously affected. So Petro China installed Hoteam active harmonic filter to improve the power quality.

The followings are the compared data before and after installing our active harmonic filter:

Phase current and waveform before AHF

Phase current and waveform after AHF

Harmonic current value before AHF

Harmonic current value after AHF 


Result analysis:

1)After active harmonic filter operating, the waveform of both voltage and current had been improved. The harmonic content also been widely reduced. The THDv was reduced from 2.7% to 0.8%. The THDi was reduced from 43.5% to 4.2%.

2)After compensation, the power factor had been reached補償to more than 0.95. This result showed the integrated compensation ability to harmonic and reactive power of our active harmonic filter.

3)The power loss had been reduced, the operation environment of equipment become much safer.

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