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Shandong Mobile

Power quality problems: The heating of the cable at output山東of transformer reached to 67degree. After increasing the cable size, the temperature still was 47 degree and also cable vibration is very seriously. After power audit measurement, we realize the harmonic content is high.

Solution: Install Hoteam active harmonic at the position of UPS.

Current data comparison:

Phase current and waveform before AHF

Phase current and waveform after AHF

Result analysis:

1)The THDv reduce to 2.3%, the THDi reduce to 7.2%.

2)The temperature of cables reduced to 37degree (when room temperature is 25 degree). The cable vibration had been eliminated.

3)The power loss had been reduced, the operation environment of equipment become much safer.


On-site operation at Shandong Mobile

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