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Harmonic problems

The transformer load current of car body shop and press shop has serious harmonic current, mainly are 3th,5th,7th,11th,and 13th, the total THDi is usually more than 40%.  This caused serious harmonic power loss of electric equipment and transformer.

Power factor problems

The power factor of transformer in main assembly shops are very low, and also has three-phase imbalance and var impact phenomenon. The average Power Factor is only 0.6 which caused big system power loss and serious energy wastage. Transformer fever may increase the temperature to more than 80℃
Typical case introduction

Sinotruk is the China’s first heavy duty truck manufacturer and currently the third largest truck manufacturer in Mainland China. In 2009, our company did power quality improvements for one of its body shops. This body shop is equipped with a 1250KVA distribution transformer and the nonlinear loads mostly are VFDs, welders and lighting equipment. The harmonics exceeded the national standards with the THDi being as high as 84.5%.The THDv far exceeded the national standards as well. Given the nature of the problems, it was decided to install a 200A  Hoteam active power filter(APF) as a solution.

Analysis of the result

As we can see clearly from the contrasting figures above, the HTQF gets desirable harmonic filtering effect in this body shop. The THDv and THDi dropped significantly from 7% to 0.8% and from 84.5% to 4.2% respectively and the RMS of harmonic currents dropped dramatically from 200A to 14A. The installation of the HTQF fundamentally gets rid of the harmonic issues and greatly has improved  the power quality of the body shop.


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